Richter Group

Dr Ilaria Frasson Associate Professor

Ilaria graduated in Medical Biotechnologies in 2006 at the University of Padua and joined the Richter Lab at the beginning of 2007. She obtained her PhD in Virology and Microbial Biotechnology in 2010. Her main current research is in on herpesviruses and SARS-CoV-2.

Dr Matteo Nadai postdoc, lab manager

Matteo graduated in Pharmaceutical Biotechnologies in 2003. He obtained his PhD in  Virology and Microbial Biotechnology in 2008 in the Richter Lab. He is currently mainly involved in the discovery and characterization of antiviral/antitumor compounds/drugs.

Dr Emanuela Ruggiero Assistant Professor 

Emanuela  graduated in Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Technology in 2010 at the University of Naples. She obtained her PhD in Pharmaceutical Sciences in 2014 at the University of Ferrara and joined the Richter Lab in 2015 as a postdoctoral fellow. She is currently working on the investigation of non-canonical nucleic acids structures, such as G-quadruplexes and i-motifs, within viral genomes.

Dr Irene Gallina is a senior postdoctoral fellow who, after obtaining her PhD from the University of Copenhagen in 2013, has matured more that 8-years’ international experience in molecular and cellular biology in the field of DNA replication and repair, significantly contributing to two ERC-funded research projects. Her work has resulted in several high-impact publications in journals including Molecular Cell and Nature Communications. 

Giulia Nicoletto post-doc financed by the X-linked dystonia-parkinsonism (XDP) Research Center, Massachusetts General Hospital. 

Beatrice Tosoni post-doc financed by the Italian Foundation for Cancer Research (AIRC) for research in liposarcoma.

Irene Zanin PhD student  financed by  Italian Foundation for Cancer Research (AIRC) for research in liposarcoma.

Ilaria Maurizio PhD student financed by CARIPARO. 

Marianna Terreri PhD student financed by Unipd.

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